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August 11th 2017 (3:44am) – Welcome to the Greater Green Bay STEM Network’s blog! In the last 16 hours, we have discussed everything from website content to “word bacteria” and have collectively consumed more than 60 cups of coffee. InitiativeOne in downtown Green Bay was the ideal location for us to meet, because their team truly understands the importance of collaboration, leadership and creative thinking.

By leaning on the expertise of local marketing and web development professionals, STEM Network members, Einstein Project interns, and community volunteers, we have created a powerful tool that will help us accomplish our mission. When you look at our new website, you are given easy access to the diverse array of STEM programs that the Greater Green Bay Area offers. Programs that are free, are located conveniently on the bus line, provide professional development, or match specific interest areas. We are really excited about how our new web site showcases STEM resources in our community.

Have fun exploring--you're sure to find something that piques your interest! Become a part of our STEM community. And maybe some day, you'll be in one of our photos... ;).

And now we're at 64 cups of coffee!

Megan Koenig